My name is Jennifer and I have been happily married to my college sweetheart, Mark, for eight years. My two sons are now four and two. They grow up very, very quickly. Nathaniel loves dinosaurs, trains, and basketball while Jeremiah likes stuffed animals and dancing to music. We are eagerly expecting our little girl in about five months.

I taught 1st grade for a few years but have been taking time off to spend time with my children. Mark is in sales and travels a lot. I try to keep our home a place of peace and happiness. If you have young children, you know this is easier said than done. Keeping house graciously can be even more challenging.

I’m always starting new little projects that turn out to be rather complicated. Whether it is growing organic vegetables or refinishing an old bedroom set, I always have something in process.

I am interested in healthy living. I believe living well means taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. I’m involved in Bible study at church and starting a spiritual fitness class next fall. Even with two boys who can’t sit still, we still make time to read books every night and quiet down with prayers.

My sister, Michelle, is my hero. A few years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. With good treatment and a positive attitude, Michelle has become a survivor. I now run in the 5K fundraiser every October.


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